Testimonial 2

My dog peed in my car, leaving the entire back seat smelling rotten. 1st Impressions came out the next day and meticulously steamed and vacuumed everything up. But unfortunately the smell didn't go away. I called Will and told him, and the next day he was back on scene with a new idea. He explained that when pee has a heavy odor, you have to treat it differently than other stains, and knew exactly how to take it out. Will wasn't satisfied until the smell was 100% gone, even after I told him "it was fine". Super professional, super dedicated, super talented.

Joshua Sigmund

Testimonial 1

I was so happy with how my car came out willie did an amazing job i have never seen my car this clean on the inside and out. He removed all the dog hair i had in the back seat not even 1 hair was left behind. I'm very pleased thank you so much for an amazing job. My car feels like new again.. see you next week now my husband wants his car detailed after seeing the amazing job you did on my car. We will definitely never go to a car wash again after seeing what you did to my car thank you so much for caring and we will be calling you from now on.. god bless you always, again thank you for the extraordinary job you did today.

Miriam Guarino