Professional Ceramic Coatings


Our Ceramic Coating Package includes a 1-Step Paint Correction prior to applying a ceramic coating, to ensure the coating bonds. We apply professional grade coating providing 2 - 3 years of protection against color fading, loss of gloss, oxidation, swirl-marks, light-scratches, salt, corrosion, tree saps, bird droppings and more. While also providing an AMAZING glow and gloss that last as long as the coating.


What's included: Thorough Hand Wash ~ Paint Decontamination of Exterior ~ Trims Conditioned ~ Windows Thoroughly Cleaned ~ Exhaust Cleaned ~ Wheel Wells Cleaned ~ Rims Decontaminated and Cleaned ~ Tires Cleaned and Dressed ~ Premium 1-Step Gloss Polish Applied ~ Premium Ceramic Coating Applied (GTechniq or ~ Finished with a Silica Spray

$700.00* Coupes/Sedans

$900.00* SUV’s

* This is a starting price and may change for severely damaged/weathered vehicles.